What is the minimum age requirement to study English in New Zealand?

The minimum age to start studying English at a university or training institute is 18 years old

Why should I choose AEC?

Because we give you services which you value and no one else is providing to you. 
  1. We give you a educational provider who wants to see you achieve your goals, not to make money off you. There are students that come to New Zealand, pay cheap fees and receive low quality educational services because that is what they have paid for and end up paying more money later. Our fees are the best value for money you can find with the highest respectable educational providers in New Zealand.
  2. We understand that your studies in New Zealand is the start of your journey not the end. We know you need work opportunities which will help you earn money while you study but also help you gain valuable work experience as well as improve your English, that is why we arrange part-time employment for you while you study. We give you career advice as well as arrange full-time employment contracts once you have graduated from your course from our educational providers. And of course we provide you with immigration services so you never have to worry about visa issues.
  3. Once you’re our client, we stay with you from the beginning to the end. We look after you before you come to New Zealand, and once you’re in New Zealand we make sure you have every opportunity to succeed so you know you’re not alone. Our team is available to you in New Zealand to support you with your study requirements, living requirements, employment requirements or reasonable personal assistance if needed.

How am I able to find out what level of English I have?

To demonstrate your current level of English you’re required to take a recognized English test. You can either take; International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) test, Pearson’s test (PTE), Test of English as a Foreign Language test (TOEFL), Cambridge English test (FCE) or Occupational English Test (OET). See our blog on “English language test I should take…..”

What documents do I need to provide to be able to study English in New Zealand?

The necessary documents which will be required will include but may not be limited to:
  1. A copy of your highest academic achievement i.e High School certificate (with transcript of subjects completed), Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters
  2. A valid copy of your passport
  3. 2 Passport sized photos
  4. Evidence of sufficient financial funds to pay for your full course and your living expenses for the duration of your course
  5. A letter from you explaining why you have decided to study English and why have decided to study in New Zealand.
  6. Evidence of your current living circumstances in-order to support your reason for wanting to study in New Zealand as well as how you’re able to finance your expenses i.e. Are you living with family, renting, working, studying etc.
  7. Completion of medical examination
  8. Completion of police certification clearance 
  9. Completion of University enrollment form and Immigration New Zealand documents

What English level do I require to study a Diploma, Bachelor, Postgraduate Diploma or Master course?

The following is the minimum English requirements for each course:
Diploma: IETLS 5.0-5.5 (No band below 5.0)
Bachelor: IETLS 6.0-6.5 (No band below 6.0)
Postgraduate Diploma: IETLS 6.0-6.5 (No band below 6.0)
Master: IETLS 6.0-6.5 (No band below 6.0)

What if I pay for a 12 month English course, but I achieve my IELTS goal to study a qualification prior to the full 12 months?

In the event you achieve your IELTS goal before the end of your course, you will be reimbursed fees on a pro rata bases or the reimbursement will go towards your qualification to reduce the total fee of your ongoing studies.

What is the maximum age limit to study English in New Zealand?

There is no maximum age to study English in New Zealand, but we recommend you’re no older than 35

What are the start dates for English courses in New Zealand?

English courses start on a monthly bases.

How long does the process take and what is the process?

The whole process should take approximately 3-4 months based on your circumstance. As part of being our client, we will guide you in obtaining and provided the necessary and accurate documents required to make the process as financially efficient as possible. The steps to take into account will be:
  1. Acquiring all the necessary documentation and signing them
  2. Receiving your offer letter by the University saying you have been accepted into the course 
  3. Processing and receiving your student visa 
  4. Arriving at your destination a week before your courses starting date

How long does it take to advance each English level?

If you’re studying English, based on your current English language skill, it would take between 6-12 months to achieve IELTS 5.5. There are 3 English levels:
Level 1 – IELTS 0-3 (A1)
Level 2 – IELTS 3-4 (A2)
Level 3 – IELTS 4-5+ (B1)
Each level can take approximately 3 months to achieve. Please note this is not a guaranteed time frame, as each individual is different and some may progress much quicker and others may require additional study. 

What happens if I had applied for a visa previous and it was declined?

In the event you had previously applied for a visa, but it was declined on the bases you had not submitted sufficient evidence resulting in a denied application, you’re still eligible to re-apply by provided additional documents with the assistance and guidance of our team to demonstrate your genuine intentions as potentially overlooked previously.

Do I need to have some English skills before I can study English in New Zealand?

You do not need to have a certain level of English to study English in New Zealand. However you should explain why you want to study English and why you want to study in New Zealand.

What are the requirements to study English in New Zealand?

If you want to study English in New Zealand, you should be able to explain and/or demonstrate:
  1. Why you want to advance your English skills
  2. Why you have chosen to study English in New Zealand
  3. Have no serious criminal or health issues
  4. Have sufficient funds to pay for your course as well as your living expenses for the duration of your study
  5. Your intention in coming to New Zealand is to genuinely study

What happens if the visa is denied?

If your visa is denied, Immigration New Zealand will advise you why you have been denied a visa. If you have been denied a visa because your documents a fraudulent and/or you have lied on your application with us, our agreement with you is terminated. If you had taken our level 2 or level 3 service package and provided all genuine approved documents required as advised by our consultant, we will adopt the immigration application expenses and resubmit your application fee at no additional expense to you.

What is the minimum enrolment period for a English course in New Zealand?

There is no minimum study period to study English in New Zealand. However, you will be required to demonstrate and explain with reasonable supporting evidence as to why you want to study for a shorter period of time if you’re studying for less than 6 months.

How do I know that AEC is reliable?

Alliance Education Colombia is a licensed agent with Education New Zealand (A government department within Ministry of Education who monitor all activities associated with education in New Zealand). We can be considered as one of the most reliable agencies in the market. Why? Because everything we do is broken down and monitored by government departments and our clients (you), who have clear transparency of everything we do and you control every step. How do we do this? We make sure you understand every step of the procedure and with every step you’re in control of the payments. This is made clear for you by legal agreements and contracts which have terms and condition to protect you as well as provide you with reimbursement options in the event something unforeseen happens.


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